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Organising Committee

The organising committee is made of ECRs from different backgrounds and stages of career development.

We are a friendly bunch. Feel free to get in touch with any of us through any of the channels provided below.


Slobodan Tomic

Lecturer in Public Management, University of York.

Connect with Slobodan: Website, LinkedIn.


Andrei Guter-Sandu

Post-Doctoral Research Officer, CARR, LSE.

Connect with Andrei: Twitter.

Flavia Donadelli

Lecturer, Victoria University Wellington.

Connect with Flavia: Google Scholar, LinkedIn.

Janina Grabs

Research Associate, D-GESS, ETH Zurich.

Connect with Janina: Website, Twitter.

Jose A Bolanos

Post-Doctoral Research Officer, CARR, LSE.

Connect with J: Website, Instagram.

Yair Osheroff

PhD Candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Connect with Yair: Twitter.

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