ECN Conference Programme

7 December 2020, 900 GMT – 1730 GMT.

Organised by: Early Career Network (ECN) of ECPR RegGov.

!!! Links to panels to be sent to participants. Please email if you have not received a programme with all panel links or if you wish to attend as a member of the audience.

Panel 1 | 900 GMT – 1030 GMT

Chair:  David Levi-Faur (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

ECN Discussant: Flavia Donadelli (Victoria University Wellington).

Sebastian Sewerin; Nicolas SchmidPhD CandidatesSwiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland, Energy Politics GroupAgency in regulatory policy design: The role of regulators vs policy‐makers in the regulation of emerging technologies
Lukas LorenzPhD studentDepartment of Governance (USG), Faculty of Law, Economics & Governance, Utrecht UniversityMachine-learning algorithms and regulatory work: An institutional logics perspective on the organization of work at a Dutch inspectorate
Fiona Kinniburgh; Henrik Selin; Noelle Selin; Miranda SchreursDoctoral Research FellowsTechnical University of Munich (TUM)When private governance impedes multilateralism: The case of agricultural standards and the Rotterdam Convention

Panel 2 | 900 GMT – 1030GMT

Chair:  Martino Maggetti (University of Lausanne).

ECN Discussant: Jose A Bolanos (LSE).

Zviko ChadambukaPhD student in Institutions, Economics & LawUniversity of TurinPolitical institutions and delegation to securities agencies: An empirical analysis
Nir KostiPhD CandidateDepartment of Political Science, The Hebrew University of JerusalemThe politics of language in legislative delegation
Abdel AlshadafanDoctoral Research FellowTechnical University of Munich (TUM)The participation of the South in international standard-setting: The case of IEC
Cindy Cheng; Sebastian KlotzDoctoral CandidatesTUM; World Trade InstituteDo too many cooks spoil the broth? The effect of increasing participation on the Codex food standard-making process

Panel 3 | 1045 GMT -1215h GMT

Chair:  Jacint Jordana (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

ECN Discussant: Slobodan Tomic (University of York).

Jonas Lund-TønnesenPhD CandidateUniversity of Oslo, Dept. of Poltical ScienceRegulating new technology in times of crises: privacy and surveillance during Covid-19
Flavia Donadelli; Jeroen Van Der HeijdenLecturer in Public ManagementVictoria University of WellingtonThe regulatory state in developing countries: Assessing the role of redistribution in the success of Brazilian network regulations
Susana CoroadoResearcherUniversity of LisbonAlternative mechanisms of political pressure: An exploratory study of Portuguese regulators
Liebrich HiemstraSenior Legal Counsel;
External PhD Candidate 
Vattenfall N.V. Legal Department – Corporate/M&A;
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC)
Energy trading and data disclosure: Information exchange between ACER, ESMA and national regulatory authorities within the context of the principles of legality and legitimacy

Panel 4 | 1045 GMT -1215h GMT

Chair:  Alessia Damonte (University of Milan).

ECN Discussant: Janina Grabs (ETHZ).

Jose A BolanosPost-Doctoral Research Officer,Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation (CARR), LSEStakeholder inclusion and certifications in hybrid policy settings: Too much of anything can be good for nothing
Vitor Martins Días (co-authored with Pedro Paulo de Miranda Araújo Soaresb; Eduardo S. Brondizioc; Sandra Helena Ribeiro Cruz)  PhD CandidatePh.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, Indiana University-BloomingtonGrassroots mobilization against urban floods in the Brazilian Amazon: Global investments, persistent floods, and local resistance across political and legal arenas
Daniel BroidPhD CandidateNYUCombining industrial and environmental policy: The case of Metro Vancouver’s district energy market.
Jan PollexPost-Doc Researcher, Chair of European Integration & PolicyUniversity of OsnabrueckDismantling in the EU Ecodesign Directive

Careers panel | 1220GMT – 1320GMT

1220-1310: Careers & jobs panel    

Colin Scott (UCD, Chair); Martin Lodge (LSE), Madalina Busuioc (Leiden University)

1310-1320: ECN introduction

Yair Osheroff (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Janina Grabs (ETHZ), Flavia Donadelli (Victoria University of Wellington), Jose Bolanos (CARR, LSE), Andrei Guter-Sandu (LSE), Slobodan Tomic (University of York)

Panel 5 | 1330 GMT – 1445 GMT

Chair:  Anne Meuwese (Leiden University)

ECN Discussant: Janina Grabs (ETHZ).

Marcus MooreAssistant ProfessorUniversity of British ColumbiaContract terms regulation
Joe Chrisp;
Adriana Bunea
Postdoctoral Fellow;
Associate Professor
University of BergenReconciling participatory and technocratic policymaking in the EU Better Regulation policy: The stakeholders’ assessment.
Agnolucci, IreneVisiting Lecturer, PhD CandidateKings College LondonWill COVID-19 make or break EU state aid policy? An analysis of commission decisions regarding pandemic aid measures taken by the member states

Panel 6 | 1325 GMT – 1450 GMT

Chair:  Eva Ruffing (Osnabrück University).

ECN Discussant: Yair Osheroff (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Simon BagerResearcher / PhD candidateUniversité catholique de LouvainTropic deforestation and tropical risk commodities
Evangelia NissiotiPhD Candidate EDLEUniversity of Hamburg Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Warsaw School of EconomicsRegulating them softly with professional codes: A proposed analysis of European mediators’ regulatory framework
Edwin AlblasPhD CandidateUniversity College Dublin (UCD), School of LawNature governance in a multi-level implementation setting: The case of environmental cooperatives in the Netherlands
José María ValenzuelaDPhil CandidateBlavatnik School of Government & Oxford Martin Programme on Post-Carbon Transition, University of OxfordDiscovering climate risk and orchestrating action by financial regulators: The origin and future of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Panel 7 | 1500 GMT – 1615 GMT

Chair:  Colin Scott (University College Dublin).

ECN Discussant: Jose A Bolanos (LSE).

Ido Sivan-SiviliaPhD CandidateCornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative (DLI), Cornell UniversityArtificial intelligence without data protection? A comparative analysis of national enforcement styles vis-à-vis AdTech
Rebecca SchmidtPost-Doc ResearcherUniversity of Oslo, Department of Private LawRisk management in the context of AI and smart robotics regulation – lessons learned from “private” standardization
Annemieke van den DoolPhD CandidateDuke Kunshan UniversityHealth promotion and disease management in China’s pig sector: An overview of the evolution of government policies

Panel 8 | 1500 GMT – 1615 GMT

Chair: Ulrika Morth (Stockholm University).

ECN Discussant: Yair Osheroff (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Shanya RuhelaPhD CandidateTilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC), Tilburg UniversityLobbying at the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: Reasons and strategies
Sophia CarodenutoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Victoria, Dept. of GeographyThe effect of supply chain position on zero-deforestation commitments: Evidence from the cocoa industry
Sara JespersenPhD FellowCopenhagen Business SchoolHow regulatory compliance is constructed among tax professionals – the case of “responsible corporate tax”

Panel 9 | 1615 GMT – 1730 GMT

Christel Koop (King’s College London).

ECN Discussant: Slobodan Tomic (University of York).

Shashwat KumarPredoctoral Fellow, Marie S. Curie European Training Network, H2020, Global IndiaInstitut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals; IBEI & UPF, BarcelonaTaking root: Assessing institutional strength of regulatory arrangements
Rik JoosenPhD CandidatesDepartment of Public Administration & Sociology, Erasmus University RotterdamTowards more stringent enforcement? Analysis of enforcement styles of EU agencies
Chiara RussoResearch Master StudentMaastricht UniversityChallenging the (a)politicization assumption: The need for political accountability in the EU as a regulatory state

Header photo by airfocus on Unsplash.

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