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RegGov ECN is the early career network of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance (RegGov). Our aim is to serve as an international platform for early career researchers (ECRs) specialising in regulatory governance to:

(1) Engage in career-related conversations which include but are not be limited to issues such as:

• Publishing and developing personal profiles in the field of regulatory governance;
• Networking, collaborating, and co-authoring with senior academics;
• Navigating the increasingly competitive job market (in academia), and engaging in conversations about complementary and alternative job markets;
• Managing pressures associated with academic work, including those impacting on academic staff wellbeing;
• Promoting positive social and collective action, including for issues related to equality/diversity;

(2) Contribute to the generation of new ideas through activities such as:

• Scanning the ‘research horizon’ and articulating emerging research themes;
• Revisiting orthodoxies in the field in a constructive manner;
• Collaborating with actors outside of academia, from the private, non-governmental, and civil sector;
• Fostering dialogue with cognate fields.


RegGov ECN does not require formal membership application. The only two criteria needed to participate in our activities are that one is:

• An early career researcher (i.e. someone who holds a role not more senior than a Lectureship);
• Interested, and ideally researching/teaching in an area falling under or related to the broad theme of regulatory governance.

We welcome participation by early career researchers from all over the world, with a particular encouragement for gender and racial diversity and equality.

Latest Announcements

ECN Conference Programme

7 December 2020, 900 GMT – 1730 GMT. Organised by: Early Career Network (ECN) of ECPR RegGov. !!! Links to panels to be sent to participants. Please email if you have not received a programme with all panel links or if you wish to attend as a member of the audience. Panel 1 |…


International conference for early career researchers in regulatory governance (online). The Early Career Network (ECN) of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance (RegGov) is organising an online conference for early career researchers. The conference will take place on Monday, 7th December 2020 (the timeslots will be confirmed later). We welcome proposals for paper presentations…